End of the year

Adios 2017!

It seems like it was yesterday that I was writing "Adios 2016" and now here we are again so fast. 2017 was a great year for the studio, full of exciting and challenging projects. I've been working as a full time freelancer for over 3 years now.  it is all thanks to my clients, that trust in me and my work, letting me do what I love and what i am passionate about. 

Now let me tell you about some project highlights from this year...

There were lots of editorial designs this year. Some favorites would include: "Public Expenditure Efficiency in Health Care in Latin America and the Caribbean" (Inter-American Development Bank), "Designing Innovative Schemes for Payments for Environmental Services" (Fundación Amazonas), "Creative Community Spaces" and "Coding Bootcamps" (World Bank).

Back in May, I worked together with the organization Elephant Energy producing their Annual Report 2016. Elephant Energy is a new client of the studio and it has been a pleasure working their communications team. Another new client is the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) I started producing some posters for them and now we have produced more than 5 publications this year. Welcome both to the studio!

Back in August, together with the IDB, we developed the whole identity for the "Diálogo Regional de Política de Transporte 2017". The project included the creation of the event corporate image, id badges, rollup, slideshows templates and the event booklet. 

During the second half of the year I collaborated with the blog "Negocios Sostenibles" doing all the blogpost images and infographics for their posts. Every week we would design a new banner inspired on the post on turn. Some of the topics can be very technical so definitely it was a challenge but we managed always to create something attractive.

When the work flow slowed down I worked on a project that I've had on my mind for a long time. It is a series of helpful resources for clients and friends to provide them with basic design knowledge called "Design Insider Tips". I'll be releasing the Edition #2 soon so stay tuned! Meanwhile download the Edition 01 if you haven't done so yet. 

Finally, a huge project for the Studio was creating 3 animated videos (plus 3 language adaptations) for the On-Boarding and Career Services sectors at the IDB. I'll be sharing more about the production process soon in different posts. 

What comes next?

I'm finishing up several publication projects we started in 2017 that still require some attention. Like last year, I'll be starting the year by producing an explanatory animated video for the Inter-American Development Bank, this time for the División de Innovación. I'll also be supporting the blog "Negocios Sostenibles" doing all their visual content this time all year long.

I can't wait for this year to start, so many fun and exciting projects coming soon! I hope you year is full of exciting projects as well! Happy New Year! 

Special thanks to the following organizations/companies for always supporting the studio: Inter-American Development Bank - World Health Organization PAHO - World Bank - Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - Laser Technologies - Elephant Energy - O'Keefe Communications