NEW WORK - Coding Bootcamps

From the same team at the World Bank that I worked on "Creative Community Spaces" we created their latest publication "Coding Bootcamps. Building Future-Proof Skills through Rapid Skills Training". The publication analyzes 6 different coding bootcamps located around the world. 

Here is a sneak peak of the publication... 

Do you want to see more? Download the complete publication here.

NEW WORK - Creative Community Spaces

Last July I finished working on the layout and design of one of the World Bank's latest publications "Creative Community Spaces. Spaces That Are Transforming Cities into Innovation Hubs". Together with the team we worked for months putting together this publication that presents 13 creative community spaces around the world. 

Here is an abstract and a preview of the publication...

Communities of entrepreneurs are creating positive impacts on local economies. When they establish new businesses and innovate across industries, they bring about economic growth and employment. Entrepreneurs are generally drawn to cities because of their available resources and networks, specifically access to knowledge and sector-specific needs, and the exchange of information that occurs when an entrepreneurial community is brought together. Central to these ecosystems are creative community spaces (CCSs)—a range of physical spaces that enable innovation by creating a convening point for a community of entrepreneurs and start-ups. CCSs serve to anchor entrepreneurial communities and influence the urban economic and physical landscape.

Check out the complete report here

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