Motion graphics

NEW WORK - Animation "Your First Steps"

Another big animation project during 2017 was producing the animated explainer video "Your Fist Steps" an introduction for the new IDB Group employees of their first days at the organization.

The video includes a series of tips related to location, tools and resources that every new employee must know about to have an easy adaptation to their new job. 

The production took several months including script developing and graphics. 

Now check out the complete video! I hope you like it! 

Let me know if you have any animation project in your mind and I'll gladly share a plan for you according to your necessities :)

NEW WORK - Welcome to DC

One of my favorites projects to work on during 2017 was producing a series of animated explainer videos for the Inter-American Development Bank. One of them was "Welcome to Washington, D.C." an introduction of the city of Washington D.C. for the new employees.

The video is divided in different sections and each section gives information about different topics related to the city, like: where to live, weather conditions, work attire, things to do, etc.

The video of 3:30" length was translated to Spanish and shared through the internal network of the bank to their employees. 

Now take a look to the complete video. I hope you like it!